Talking About Suicide

Because it's not a taboo

Talking with Ameera Ladak

Ameera Ladak most likely just set a record for the shortest time between coming out on social media and appearing here. The Canadian college student emailed last week with a link to her new blog, and we were off. “I was too stuck on getting help being a sign of weakness, that I tried to […]

Talking with Eric Weaver

I came across Eric Weaver by accident while researching a post for the related site What Happens Now? He comes from the rare, if not unique, background of having been a police officer, a pastor and an attempt survivor. He now runs an organization to train police officers and others about suicidal thinking and other […]

Talking with Nate Cannon

Nate Cannon’s story is multiple stories woven into one. It involves gender identity, suicidal thinking and increasing physical discomfort, along with an incredibly tenacious will. He’s written one memoir and is applying to pursue a master in fine arts so he can work fully on another. His work, both in writing and public speaking, was […]

Talking with Ted Spencer

For Veterans Day today, here is our interview with Army veteran Ted Spencer about his experience as part of a pioneering support group for suicide attempt survivors. This is also being posted at the site What Happens Now? Suicide in the military and among veterans is a huge issue. A growing number of people who’ve […]

Talking with Andy Grant

Andy Grant wrote to me recently with the link to a video he once made, “The best way to die.” The angrier commenters called that title a bait and switch. The happier ones thanked him for an unexpected smile. It’s worth a view. Before we dove into an interview, we agreed we weren’t fans of […]

Talking with Taryn Aiken

I came across Taryn Aiken in a news story about her and her public speaking partner, 16-year-old Tanner Kirk. Tanner is physically limited by an attempt of his own a few years ago, and in the past year he lost his brother to suicide. Taryn has been surprised by what some people have told him: […]

Talking with Steve Harrington

Steve Harrington didn’t decide to come out about his depression. The local newspaper did it for him. “I was living in a small community at the time I went to the psych unit, and it was actually on the front page of the newspaper,” he says. “It was, you know, ‘Local resident Steve Harrington has […]

Talking with Katie King

As I went again through this interview with Katie King, I realized that I still knew little of the details of her everyday life. Instead, she had guided me through the thinking that has occupied her since her attempt a year and a half ago. It was pretty fascinating, because she hadn’t figured it all […]

Talking with Joel Phillips

Joel Phillips’ turnaround came on a bike ride. He had been overweight, inert, depressed. Enough factors fell into place to click him into a final decision: He would ride out to a quiet spot and shoot himself. Instead, he returned that day in 2009 and has become a passionate advocate for biking in his Colorado […]

Talking with Darick Reed

“I didn’t want to die on my suicide prevention walk. It kind of defeats the purpose.” So there he was, Darick Reed, about 100 miles into an epic walk for suicide awareness and stuck in the biggest heat wave of the year. In remote Montana, too. He ended up in the emergency room being pumped […]