Talking About Suicide

Because it's not a taboo

Talking with Davey Davis

Are women more open about their suicide experiences? I don’t know, but finally we add a male voice to this young blog. I met Davey Davis in New York just after he moved here from overseas. His recent travels have taken him through the West Bank, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Now he’s exploring the […]

Talking with Trish Lane

I’m happy that you guys continue to agree to talk. I spoke with Trish Lane, who is a clinical psychologist and animal lover. Her three dogs kept us company in the background of our phone conversation. She has appeared in the video “Voices of Suicide,” which featured interviews with people who tried to kill themselves […]

Talking with Karen Bufford Bogue

This week, I spoke by phone with Karen Bufford Bogue, who runs a pro-recovery website at She responded to a request on the MindFreedom International listserv for people interested in speaking up. Each of us admitted after the call that we had felt a bit nervous, being new at this, but it turned out well. […]

Talking with Terry Wise

Today I talked by phone with Terry Wise, who was one of the first attempt survivors to speak publicly and often about her experience. She’s a former trial attorney who now writes and speaks full time and has served on the boards of a number of national organizations on this issue. She’s at Here’s […]

A how-to?

Some of you have started writing in, and I appreciate it. Here’s a comment from Corinna West, who is a motivational speaker, poet, former member of the 1996 Olympic judo team and more. She’s also been open about her suicide attempts.  “My thought is that when I was trying to exit the planet, I would […]

The theory

This blog came about because I have a theory, and I’d like to know if the thinking is right or wrong. I worry that some people, young and old, are going into suicide attempts with serious misconceptions. Maybe they’ve been influenced by romanticized images in films, books or elsewhere and assume that killing themselves will […]


Thanks for stopping by. I’m a journalist and a survivor of suicide attempts, and I’ve decided that it might be healthier to relax and talk openly instead of trying to hide it and feeling ashamed.  Suicide happens quite often. There are more deaths by suicide than by homicide in the United States. But it’s an […]