Talking About Suicide

Because it's not a taboo

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Talking with Janice Sorensen

I was happy to find another support for group for suicide attempt survivors, this time in Massachusetts. I came across the Alternatives to Suicide Peer Support Groups while looking over the schedule of the recent Alternatives conference, a national gathering of mental health peer support workers. So maybe the idea will grow. Janice Sorensen was […]

Talking with Shari Sinwelski

Earlier this year, I got the chance to meet Shari Sinwelski, who works for the pioneering group Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services in the Los Angeles area. They’ve started one of the very few support groups for attempt survivors, and now questions are coming in from around the country by people curious, though nervous, about […]

Talking with Phillip Garber and Janet Berkowitz

I recently had the chance to sit in, long distance, on a meeting of Suicide Anonymous. The support group for people who have attempted or seriously considered suicide has grown little beyond its roots in Tennessee, but an active couple in New Jersey has created another hub and is trying to reach out to people […]

Talking with Cathy Read-Wilson

How many people working on crisis lines have had their own experience with suicide? Cathy Read-Wilson’s suicide attempt came after she had started volunteering with one. She found that the organization didn’t panic, later hired her and has worked with her ever since. Cathy explains the system, including how it keeps her supervisor informed when […]

Talking with Yvonne Bergmans

“So many care providers only see people when they’re not well. They don’t get to see the other side. The gift I have, I get to see all sides.” Yvonne Bergmans started a support group for suicide attempt survivors at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto more than a dozen years ago, and she has been […]

Talking with Cory Cobern

Cory Cobern is in the middle of making himself over. The father of two is soon to become a social worker and runs one of the very few support groups for suicide attempt survivors in the U.S. It’s encouraging to hear that his openness about his own experience didn’t keep him from working for a […]

Talking with Katie Ayotte

Katie Ayotte’s story is a striking mix of what resources are becoming possible for suicide attempt survivors and the disconnects that remain. At least two fascinating twists lie ahead as she talks about becoming a peer leader of a rare attempt survivors support group in the U.S. Katie also expresses a major problem of suicide […]

New: The Waking Up Alive house

The resources for people in a suicidal crisis are often pretty bleak beyond a crisis line call. I was happy to hear about a new project called Waking Up Alive, which appears to be the first of its kind in the United States and one of a handful in the world. Sabrina Strong, a suicide […]