Talking About Suicide

Because it's not a taboo

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Your help: A national portrait project

If we want to get the faces and voices of attempt survivors out there and show that it’s possible to move on from the experience, here is a beautiful way to do it. New York-based photographer Dese’rae Stage has been taking portraits of suicide attempt survivors just moments after they tell her their story, and […]

Portraits of attempt survivors, and a film

After coming across photographer Douglas Ljungkvist, who was quoted in the previous post, I e-mailed him. He says his series of portraits of attempt survivors began after a friend’s suicide. Intense research into the subject followed. “Having reached out to numerous NGOs, government agencies, the media and medical community, without getting anywhere, I came across […]

Talking with Dese’Rae Stage

I’ve mentioned the Live Through This project before, and today I had a chat with its creator, Dese’Rae Stage. Let’s jump right in. This is the raw chat again, like the one with Enoch Li from Beijing a while ago. We both seem to be good typists, or at least careful ones. me:  tell me […]