Talking About Suicide

Because it's not a taboo

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Talking with Jessica Blau

“Almost on a daily basis, when I take a shower, or I’ll be looking in the mirror, brushing my teeth, putting face lotion on, and sometimes I’ll be staring in the mirror and be like, ‘Who are you? And what are you now?’” Jessica Blau is making her way back from a fairly recent suicide […]

Talking with Tom Kelly

In this era of creative business titles, there’s something pretty cool about being the manager for recovery and resiliency. That would be Tom Kelly, whose life reflects his work. He’s been through a period of homelessness, the questionable interstate shipping of mental patients known as “Greyhound therapy” and more than one suicide attempt. Now he […]

Talking with Samantha Nadler

Samantha Nadler once told her therapist she wouldn’t live to be 18 years old. Six years past that deadline, she now supervises a crisis program and talks openly about her experience with suicidality. She recently went home for the first time in a decade, revisiting a world where she had been seen as the hospital […]

Talking with Jay Johnston

Jay Johnston came to my attention when he recently graduated from law school and was featured on his local news. He’s come far from his days in high school, when his depression deepened and he kept thoughts of suicide secret so no one would think he was being dramatic. Now he talks openly about his […]

Talking with Linda Fuglestad

The road to talking with Linda Fuglestad started with the National Empowerment Center, which offers a directory of the dozen or so peer-run crisis services across the country. Linda was among the people at the crisis centers who responded to a hello. Cheerful and articulate, with a Vermont home that’s often full of family, she […]

Talking with Charlotte Claire

Charlotte Claire wrote to me from Australia, where she’s working on a number of one-woman projects to help others who’ve been suicidal, including the intriguing idea for what she calls a “suicide midwife.” She explains below. If you plan on going to the Burning Man festival this year, you might see her performing. Here, she […]

Talking with CW Tillman

Coming across CW Tillman a couple of years ago was a breakthrough. I had decided to stop keeping my own experience a secret and be open, but I was surprised to find no resources out there for people like myself. A researcher finally mentioned that an upcoming conference of the American Association of Suicidology would […]

On the BBC

We were just featured on the BBC’s “World Have Your Say” in a discussion of suicide attempts. If you’re here because of that show, let me also point you to a larger site I edit on the same topic, What Happens Now? It’s for the American Association of Suicidology. Listeners also heard about the Live […]

Talking with Sue Martin

“I loaded the rifle and shot, at nothing in particular, out across the lake. Then I went back up to the lakehouse.” A young Sue Martin then turned the gun on herself. Many years later, after blinding herself in her attempt, she finally decided to tell her story. She posted the chapters on her blog, […]

Talking with Andrew O’Brien

This is the one interview so far where I felt that the person wasn’t opening up to me. It was good to hear, then, that Andrew O’Brien had already opened up to someone else in recent days and told his full story. It made the front page of his local newspaper, which is linked below. […]