Talking About Suicide

Because it's not a taboo

The AP writes about attempt survivors

The Associated Press has just published a major feature story on attempt survivors and the trend of coming out and speaking openly. It points out the Live Through This portrait project, the What Happens Now? blog and the national attempt survivors task force with the Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention. It calls them

several new initiatives transforming the nation’s suicide-prevention community as more survivors find the courage to speak out and more experts make efforts to learn from them. There’s a new survivors task force, an array of blogs, some riveting YouTube clips, all with the common goal of stripping away anonymity, stigma and shame.


Take a look. The story discusses past and present stigma, including among therapists who shy away from treating suicidal people, and it shares several forceful comments from attempt survivors like Heidi Bryan:

“I remember sitting at a conference when speakers were talking about survivors — it was like we were lab rats,” she said. “Now they’re finally realizing maybe we should be brought in on this. We need to erase the misperceptions that people have about us, so we’re treated with the respect we deserve.”

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