Talking About Suicide

Because it's not a taboo

Month: April 2013

Talking with Andrew O’Brien

This is the one interview so far where I felt that the person wasn’t opening up to me. It was good to hear, then, that Andrew O’Brien had already opened up to someone else in recent days and told his full story. It made the front page of his local newspaper, which is linked below. […]

Talking with Jim Atkisson

Many people can hide the evidence of their suicide attempt. Jim Atkisson can’t. What happened when he was 16 years old has trailed him ever since, disqualifying him for the Army and for law enforcement and other jobs. He believes that anyone who attempts suicide in the violent way he did has had this thought […]

The AP writes about attempt survivors

The Associated Press has just published a major feature story on attempt survivors and the trend of coming out and speaking openly. It points out the Live Through This portrait project, the What Happens Now? blog and the national attempt survivors task force with the Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention. It calls them several new […]

Talking with Cathy Naughton

It was the most simple of requests: “I would be happy to have you interview me regarding my experience with being suicidal.” Cathy Naughton approached me after I reached out to the tiny number of peer-run crisis services across the U.S. in an effort to learn more about what they do. A soon-to-come post will focus […]