Talking About Suicide

Because it's not a taboo

Reading about Brad Warner

Author Brad Warner, a Buddhist and the founder of the Hardcore Zen blog, has written a post about “the Buddhist view on suicide” and his own attempt:

That day changed me forever. I decided to live. But I also decided I was no longer bound to anything that came before that day. I decided that conceptually I had already killed myself. Now I could do anything, absolutely anything at all.

Then he writes something that looks quite startling, until the context sinks in:

If you’re contemplating suicide, my advise is go ahead and kill yourself. But don’t do it with a rope or a gun or a knife or a handful of pills. Don’t do it by destroying your body. Do it by cutting off your former life and going in a completely new direction. I know that’s not easy. I know it might even seem impossible. If you’d have asked me before that Spring day in 1992 I would have told you it was absolutely impossible for me to do any of the things I’ve done since that day.

He ends by pointing out that some things just don’t make sense, and it’s best to let those kinds of thoughts go.

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