Talking About Suicide

Because it's not a taboo

New: A blog for suicide attempt survivors

I’m happy to share a new blog for suicide attempt survivors. It’s the most outspoken embrace of people like us by a national group that I’ve seen so far.

I’d better add that I’m editing the blog, but it’s still the first time I’ve seen an organization say, “Let’s reach out to these guys” and trust us to carry it through. The American Association of Suicidology is the group for researchers, clinicians, crisis line workers, social workers and others in the field. Other members are suicide survivors, or people who’ve lost a loved one. They’ve pushed hard over the years to get past the stigma around suicide _ it astonishes me that such a struggle even had to exist _ and to become a recognized, established group of their own.

Call this new blog a modest step, but attempt survivors are making that journey as well. Take a look, and how about writing something for it?

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