Talking About Suicide

Because it's not a taboo

Care to share your notes and journals?

There’s been quite a bit of research into the suicide notes and journals left by people who kill themselves, but the same level of interest hasn’t extended yet to the notes and journals of people who tried to kill themselves and lived. Now one well-known researcher says he’s open to taking a look.

David Lester, after suggestions from myself and at least one other person featured on this blog, asked whether I’d be able to help find him some of these notes and journals. If you’re interested in sharing, David says he’d prefer to have any submissions via scan and e-mail, Word document and e-mail or the more traditional photocopy and post. Before you’re tempted to send a crate of journals, I should add that he most likely would focus on  writings from the time or times you were in crisis. You should also specify whether you’d want your name or certain identifying information to be made public. I don’t know how the materials would be used. (I had suggested comparing the word usage in the writings of those who died versus the usage in the writings of those who lived, for example.)

Some of his contact information is available at David’s website.

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