Talking About Suicide

Because it's not a taboo

Month: October 2012

Talking with Alicia Raimundo

So let’s talk about the idea of attempt survivors as superheros. Alicia Raimundo stood up at the end of this month’s national conference of the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention and told a little of her story. We spoke this week, and she’s all for openness on the topic. And some playfulness as well. “Part […]

Talking with Laura Carbonell

I didn’t expect to come across someone’s story of their suicide attempt on a blog dedicated to Latina moms, but there it was. Laura Carbonell was moved to write about her teenage attempt, one she had nearly forgotten, after a friend from high school recently reached out for help on Facebook. “It all came back,” […]

More from Canada, part 2: Listening to Wendy Matthews

One of the several attempt survivors I met last week at Canada’s national conference for suicide prevention was Wendy Matthews, who gave an open, engaging presentation about her experience. “I have finally been able to recover my life, and my illness finally turned into just that. An illness,” she told the audience. “It is no […]

More from Canada: Talking with Judy James

I met Judy James this week at Canada’s national conference for suicide prevention. A few hours later, we had the following conversation upstairs in her hotel room, with the window open on a beautiful view of Niagara Falls. Judy’s direct, and she was just one of a half-dozen or more people at the conference who […]

Oh, Canada: Exploring attitudes up north

Two big surprises came up when I went to Canada this week for its national conference on suicide prevention. One was the number of attempt survivors who addressed the conference, with humor at times and a welcome lack of nervousness from the crowd. The other was a difficult, sometimes emotional session on what role the […]

Talking with Cheryl Sharp

I came across Cheryl Sharp when I read her firsthand story of her several suicide attempts in the National Council magazine, whose latest issue focuses on suicide. She writes that her first attempt was in seventh grade, when she tried to kill herself with aspirin: “I had heard that this would kill you.” She told […]

Watching JD Schramm

Sometimes I put items like this straight onto the Resources page without comment, but I wanted to point out this TED talk by attempt survivor JD Schramm, which the TED website says has been watched more than 360,000 times on that site alone. I suggest reading through the comments as well, which are just as […]

Talking with Paul Quinnett

It took me far too long to come across “Suicide: The Forever Decision,” a book that psychologist and author Paul Quinnett allowed to be posted online. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a suicide prevention effort that includes a strong warning about the physical dangers of a suicide attempt. As the chapter title […]