Talking About Suicide

Because it's not a taboo

Month: May 2012

Talking with Cory Cobern

Cory Cobern is in the middle of making himself over. The father of two is soon to become a social worker and runs one of the very few support groups for suicide attempt survivors in the U.S. It’s encouraging to hear that his openness about his own experience didn’t keep him from working for a […]

Talking with Katie Ayotte

Katie Ayotte’s story is a striking mix of what resources are becoming possible for suicide attempt survivors and the disconnects that remain. At least two fascinating twists lie ahead as she talks about becoming a peer leader of a rare attempt survivors support group in the U.S. Katie also expresses a major problem of suicide […]

‘Occupying’ psychiatry

“We all talk about it,” said Joseph Rogers. “It’s a good way to get committed, unfortunately.” Rogers is the executive director of the National Mental Health Consumers’ Self-Help Clearinghouse, which often organizes the annual Alternatives Conference. He was among dozens of people from mental health consumers’ groups protesting last weekend outside the national conference of […]

Talking with Ginny Sparrow

Was there really a time not so long ago when parents who lost a child to suicide were blamed, silent and ashamed? This was one of the surprising things I learned from Ginny Sparrow. Ginny is a survivor of suicide, which is a term that can be confusing at first. Survivors of suicide have lost […]