Talking About Suicide

Because it's not a taboo

New project: Live Through This

New York-based photographer Dese’Rae Stage has started shooting and posting her Live Through This project of portraits and interviews with people who have survived suicide attempts. She will be traveling around the U.S. to talk with people, and she may have lined up her first very well-known interviewee. Dese’Rae also will be on the panel at this year’s national conference of the Association of Suicidology: “Suicide Attempt Survivors: Relax. Talk to us. Ask those shy questions now.”

Take a look at what she’s doing, which is pretty fascinating because she’s using a lot of social networks and reaching a younger crowd who most likely haven’t spoken out about their suicide attempts before. She’s posted a portrait of me as well, and vanity would like to point out that I had just finished an hourslong bike ride in below-freezing weather. That said, perhaps she caught what I really do look like in neutral, and that could explain a lot.

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