Talking About Suicide

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Month: January 2012

Talking with Dese’Rae Stage

I’ve mentioned the Live Through This project before, and today I had a chat with its creator, Dese’Rae Stage. Let’s jump right in. This is the raw chat again, like the one with Enoch Li from Beijing a while ago. We both seem to be good typists, or at least careful ones. me:  tell me […]

More about Lawrence Egbert

I posted this weekend about a profile by The Washington Post of Lawrence Egbert, the former medical director of the Final Exit Network. It turns out that the Post later held an online chat for Egbert and readers, who asked many good questions about assisted suicide and suicide. You can read it here. There’s a […]

Reading about Lawrence Egbert

The Washington Post last weekend posted a profile of Lawrence Egbert, the former medical director of the Final Exit Network. The group guides, informs and accompanies people who kill themselves, sometimes being the ones holding their hands at the end. What makes Egbert even more unusual is this: “But unlike the group’s current leadership, Egbert […]

New project: Live Through This

New York-based photographer Dese’Rae Stage has started shooting and posting her Live Through This project of portraits and interviews with people who have survived suicide attempts. She will be traveling around the U.S. to talk with people, and she may have lined up her first very well-known interviewee. Dese’Rae also will be on the panel […]

Some public speaking

Some news: A panel that a few of us proposed has been accepted for this year’s national conference of the American Association of Suicidology in April. The topic: “Suicide attempt survivors: Relax. Talk to us. Ask those shy questions now.” It’s a step, especially considering that the conference of researchers, therapists, crisis workers, people who […]